The Star Named EOS on a trajectory to arrive later this year

The Star Named EOS teaser
Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

January 17, 2023

Hand-painted, narrative-driven puzzle adventure from the creators of Behind the Frame unveiled for PC and consoles


A photograph may be just a single frame, but the stories behind each image go so much deeper than the snapshot. We’ll soon be reminded of that in The Star Named EOS, the next narrative-driven adventure from the creators of Behind the Frame due out later this year.

Continuing Silver Lining Studio’s goal of “bringing to life stories about art and human connection,” the new game promises another “heartwarming story of love, memory, and understanding.” This time around, a young photographer named Dei follows in his mother’s footsteps after her unexplained disappearance, challenged by “something strange in one of the pictures she had left behind.” Only by taking photos, recreating others and solving puzzles will Dei be able to “step back in time and experience the memories held within them” in order to “uncover a family mystery.”

As with its (unrelated) predecessor, The Star Named EOS is a “story-rich,” fully voiced first-person adventure that asks players to thoroughly explore its lovely hand-painted environments. You’ll need to interact with anything and everything around you, gathering the necessary “props” along the way in order to “continue your search for truth and beauty in an uncertain and often painful world.” You’ll take your own pictures using an old Polaroid camera, and recreate others by completing a variety of puzzles, which is what enables you to “travel through time with the power of photography” to experience the “long-forgotten mysteries and memories of loved ones.”

While The Star Named EOS won’t be released for PC until later this year, with as-yet-unannounced consoles to follow, a limited-time demo will be available to download during the Steam Next Fest beginning February 3rd.


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