Antivine climbs out on Windows PC

Antivine teaser
Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

December 24, 2022

Colourful isometric puzzler available now for download on Steam, coming soon to mobile devices


Our bodies will all return to the earth at some point, but for the citizens of Regeneration Studio’s newly released isometric puzzler Antivine, that process begins earlier and occurs in a much more literal way than they’d like.

The people of the Chengying plain have long been fighting against their nature, and a “negative power” has resulted from this ongoing internal conflict. Now when people get older, they begin sprouting branches and vines from their bodies until eventually they become “Treemen” and a permanent part of nature, their berries providing sustenance for the next generation. Legend has it, however, that the cure lies with the “mountain god” who lives on “the other side of the world.” And so when a boy name Senshi has still not begun exhibiting the changes by his coming-of-age ceremony, the villagers force him to embark on a journey in search of the truth. Along the way he meets a lost girl named Mumei, and only together can the two of them overcome the many obstacles ahead of them.

Antivine is a colourfully charming isometric puzzler whose unique story of self-discovery unfolds through the two protagonists solving environmental puzzles blocking their path. This requires a change of thinking, a shifting of perspectives, which in gameplay terms means physically altering the environment itself through simple clicks to provide a different viewpoint. As day dynamically turns to night and back again, it’ll take both children collaborating together to progress from one island to the next, each with its own challenges and “gimmicks” to master.

Originally conceived by a group of students from the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Antivine is now complete and available on Steam for Windows PC, with mobile versions to follow soon. The Steam version currently comes with an exclusive Christmas outfit for Senhsu for those who enter the serial number “christmas2022,” but the offer is only good for a limited time, ending December 27th.


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