Azazel’s Christmas Fable ready for wishlisting

Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

November 9, 2022

Point-and-click pixel art adventure starring a devilish imp coming later this month on Steam


Most Christmas stories are about peace, love, and goodwill for mankind. Not so Azazel’s Christmas Fable, a point-and-click pixel art adventure with a much more tongue-in-cheek subversive spirit that is due to launch later this month by indie developer Greg Muhlbock.

The game’s namesake is a goat-horned, red-skinned “devilish imp with a mischievous knack for getting into trouble,” who garners no respect from his peers in the underworld. In order to improve his underling’s reputation, Gorgomon the Great sends Azazel on a mission to “track down the ‘source of joy’ originating from the North Pole and destroy it!” To do that, the young imp will need to disguise himself in order to pass himself off as an Elf and infiltrate their close-knit, Christmas-loving community. In doing so, however, Azazel may just find that his own loyalties are tested in ways he never imagined.

Inspired by the classic 8-bit adventures, Azazel’s Christmas Fable is a throwback point-and-click pixel art adventure for fans “craving a bit of nostalgia.” Players will get to see the North Pole like never before, exploring locations in “Santa’s village and beyond, including, but not limited to, classy Elf night clubs, delectable gingerbread houses, frozen ice caves, and the edges of the underworld itself.” There will be plenty of puzzles to solve and “peculiar” characters to meet in a quest that becomes “the ultimate battle between good and evil, naughty and nice, fire and ice, holiday cheer and devilish fear.”

Arriving in plenty of time this holiday season, Azazel’s Christmas Fable is due to launch on Steam for Windows PC on November 29th.


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