To the Moon series detours with just a Beach Episode

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Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

October 22, 2022

Short standalone spinoff adventure from Freebird Games coming to Windows PC later this year or early 2023


Freebird Games has taken us to the past, to the deepest recesses of dying people’s minds, and of course To the Moon and back (virtually speaking). For its next short spinoff entry in the SigCorp series of narrative adventures, the acclaimed indie Canadian developer is taking us … to the beach?

Yes, in the aptly named Just A To the Moon Series Beach Episode, players can follow the SigCorp team on a relaxing day off as they embark on an “all-expenses-paid vacation at the Golden Lobster Hotel & Resort.” You can soak in some rays, frolic in the surf and sand, or even strap in for a parasailing experience of a lifetime. But about that whole “lifetime” thing…. Dig a little deeper into this seemingly idyllic day and you’ll come to a rather disturbing realization: most of the people here “should already be dead.”

As with the series’ full-fledged adventures, including Finding Paradise and last year’s Impostor Factory, this bite-sized outing will feature a retro-RPG-styled pixel art presentation. And once again, rather than challenge players with brain-straining puzzles, “The Beach Episode” promises a “cozy mix between adventure game elements and … dialogues that read so wrong but feel so right.” Not to mention special guest appearances by Platplat the platypus, Rudog and Long-cat and Ricebot on a day that may just prove to be much more than it seems.

There is no firm target release date just yet, but Just A To the Moon Series Beach Episode is due to be launched on Steam for Windows PC sometime later this year or early 2023.


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