Delirium to set in soon on PlayStation

Jack Allin

Written by Jack Allin

October 20, 2022

Cartoon-styled first-person comedy adventure the latest product of the PlayStation Talents initiative


The PlayStation Talents initiative for Spanish developers has resulted in some intriguing new games releasing internationally, including the horror adventure Insomnis, which is due to be ported to Switch on October 27th. The most recent game unveiled may just be its nuttiest, however, in the form of BlackGate Studio’s Delirium.

The game stars a “teenage rebel” named Lola, who, along with her “freak brother Danny” and a one-eyed purple rabbit named Cotton, awakens to find herself trapped in the strange eponymous town. In order to escape they’ll need to talk to a diverse cast of unusual characters and solve what promises to be “an imaginative explosion of puzzles and fun in a very, very crazy city.”

Controlling Lola, players will explore Delirium from a first-person perspective, but this is no typical first-person game. Inspired by indie graphic novels like the Scott Pilgrim series, it features a distinctively bold aesthetic that matches its “crazy narrative” and sense of humour that is “full of references to pop culture, be it video games, comics, movies” and more. Getting out of this place will be no laughing matter, however, so players will need to scour the environments thoroughly for items that can be combined and used to solve a variety of puzzles along the way.

There is no current target release date for Delirium, but PlayStation 4 and 5 owners can already wishlist it on the PlayStation store.


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