New Game Announcements

Unheard: Voices of Crime detected on consoles

Unheard: Voices of Crime

Ports of 2019 interactive radio drama available with bonus case for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Demo becomes a reality for Afterdream


New side-scroller from the creator of DISTRAINT delayed to later this year for PC and consoles

Kujlevka readies for first contact in April


An “adventure game of otherworldly encounters” coming next month on Windows and Linux

Paper Trail on track for 2023 release

Paper Trail

Top-down paper folding puzzler coming to PC, consoles and mobile devices via the Netflix app

Demo emerges from Varney Lake prior to April launch

Varney Lake

Next two games in the Pixel Pulps anthology unveiled by the creators of Mothmen 1966

Cions of Vega ports delivered on PlayStation and Xbox

Cions of Vega

Search for a man’s missing daughter from the creator of Drizzlepath branches out from PC